On 1 September 2006 I finished my carrier in physics research. My research area was of basic nature and aimed at a better understanding of the electronic structure of various types of solids. Such knowledege is the key to the understanding of material properties. During the last period I in particular studied semiconductor interfaces and diluted alloys. Fundamental understanding of such structures is of obvious importance for the development of various technologies (e.g. micro-electronic devices).

The tools I applied included photoelectron spectroscopy (PES), soft x-ray emission and absorption spectroscopy (SXE and SXA) using synchrotron radiation. In fact, with colleagues, I was the first to perform angle-resolved photoemission measurements, now a widely used technique. A special contribution was my imititive to build the synchrotron radiation source MAX-lab in Lund, Sweden, the process of which will soon be described elsewhere on this homepage.. In many cases I also applied full-scale ab initio computations on the electronic structure, often in parallel with the experiments. My research has resulted in about 200 refereed articles in well-know international journals, documented elsewhere on this homepage. Many more publications (about 200) at conferences, in books, etc are not documented here.
Since 2006 I work full time with an activity, House of Learning, which I created myself ( This includes, among other things, a unique learning center (extension of the science center concept) with more than 300 hands-on physics experiments. Due to a flood the exhibition in now being transferred to the Department of Physics and will opened during 2018. Among many other activities I have been running a weekly science café named Café-å-lär (, which has had a great influence on science in West Sweden. Another example of activity is the establishment of a forum for applied neuroscience (